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Apply For a Grant

Who can apply for a grant?

Any charity working in the field of breast cancer can apply for a grant.

To be considered for a grant in 2025, please submit your grant application to the Foundation by Friday 30th May 2025. Grants are awarded annually in late July. Please note the following:

  • All applicants must be prepared to inform the Foundation of their projects progress at least twice in the year of the grant, unless it is to be used for a specific event then only one report is required.
  • A set of your most current accounts must accompany any grant application.
  • All organisations awarded a grant must send an email of grant award recognition to the Foundation as soon as they are in receipt of the grant.

Grants, the selection process and applying

We are delighted to have awarded grants to many and various charities concerned with breast cancer.

The Foundation evaluates each application against a set of very strict criteria. These criteria are weighted dependent upon agreed giving principles determined for each year. For example, we may prefer in one year to weigh grants towards smaller or new organisations, another year we may prefer to give to special projects. For the 2025 grant period and with requests for assistance growing, the Foundation decided to focus in the main on organisations with limited financial resources to deliver their services.

The application deadline to apply for 2024 grants has now closed; however, we are happy to receive grant applications for the 2024 grant round. Grant applications must be hard copy and must reach the Pink Ribbon Foundation by Friday 30th May 2025. We hope to announce grant awards by mid-July. Please note that an application must include a set of accounts.

Please also note that not fulfilling the terms of the grant will invalidate any further applications.

Lastly we appreciate if you could get any 2025 application in before the deadline to make registration and evaluation easier.

To apply for a grant from the Pink Ribbon Foundation, please download our application form:

To read Frequently Asked Questions about grants, please download our FAQs:

To read Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Information, please download our document: