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Rebound Fitness - The MaXimus Pro

Rebound Fitness - The MaXimus Pro

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Rebounding is a safe, effective and fun low impact workout performed on a mini trampoline. Research has proven many health benefits including burning 100s of calories, lymphatic drainage, activating deep core muscles, strengthening bones and joints, improving posture and balance, and improving mood and promoting positive outlook. 

The MaXimus Pro: is a quarter-folding, rebounder, voted #1 Indoor Exercise Mini Trampoline for Adults with Bar.  Best Home Gym for Fitness and to Lose Weight. The package includes: MaXimus Pro Rebounder with handle bar, Carry/Storage Bag, Resistance Bands, Sand Weights, 2 * DVDs with 7 fantastic Rebound Fitness workouts, Bouncecounter to count your bounces and and FREE ONLINE workouts! Max weight 140kgs (310lbs). 

Rebound Fitness is delighted to donate 10% of all sales to the Pink Ribbon Foundation to help fight breast cancer (use coupon code “Pink Ribbon” at checkout).  We will also send you a FREE additional DVD and grip socks to say thank-you. 

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Instagram @rebounduk 

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