Cancer rates soaring in Britain with more than 1,000 diagnosed every day

Soaring cancer rates in Britain mean more than 1,000 people are now being diagnosed every day. The World Cancer Research Fund analysis shows UK cases have gone up by 11% in six years and deaths from cancer have risen by 4%.

A record 366,000 patients were diagnosed in 2017 and cancer killed 165,000. Experts estimated 40% of diagnoses could have been avoided if patients had improved their diet and exercised more.
Lung cancer was the most common type, at 20% of the total – despite falling smoking rates.

Susannah Brown, of the WCRF, said: “When we hear the word cancer, we often think of it as something inevitable that can’t be avoided. However, about 40% of all cancers could be prevented.
“Eating a healthy diet, being more active each day and maintaining a healthy weight are, after not smoking, the most important ways to reduce cancer risk.”

Cancer cases and deaths have risen steadily in the past decade as the population gets older. One in five deaths is now caused by it.


March 05, 2020

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